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Emma & James’ Bourne Wedding

Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer

Emma & James were married at Stamford Registry office, with their reception at the Masonic Hall in Bourne, Lincolnshire.

Marriage – Stamford Registry Office
Venue – Masonic Hal, Bourne

Emma & James held their February wedding at Stamford Registry Office and reception at Bourne Masonic Hall, a new venue for me and one I would absolutely love to go back to again! (This was the venues second ever wedding!)

This wedding was full of fun and laughter, with Emma & James’ closest friends and family along for the ride!

We were incredibly lucky with the weather and got to enjoy an afternoon in the sunshine and we managed to dodge the showers at Stamford Registry office too!

The low February sun gave some spectacular light at the registry office but the inside was just as beautiful.

Stamford Registry Office is a great little venue for a micro and intimate wedding and this was definitely that!

Bourne Masonic Hall was were they held their reception. This being their second ever wedding, it was a lovely venue. Emma’s stylistic touch with flowers and features really made the day extra special!

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Are you getting married in Bourne or Stamford? I’d love to hear from you.